Electrical work itself is costly, especially when problems arise and wires need to be replaced. Labor alone can easily cost well into the thousands of dollars depending on the project size. Wiring that is not well protected may also require increased maintenance which can negatively affect bottom line numbers.

With the heavy stainless steel construction and finished with durable outdoor-rated finishes, these pedestals offer long-lasting protection. They are specifically engineered to withstand the test of time, even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Eliminates “repair and replace” cycles

  • Safe cULus listed to standard 1773 | Suitable for wet locations

  • Simple and easy to install

The Pedoc Transformation

Reliable and Convenient Power Where You Need It

Stubbed up electrical conduit on its own is not durable. The conduit may crack, break, or easily get knocked over by outdoor mowing and servicing equipment. Any of those occurrences may lead to significant wire damage. Even CVC piping is not fail-safe. As it contracts with exposure to sun or harsh climates, the piping can degrade over time, making it more prone to damage.

Damaged electrical conduit poses a safety threat to people, businesses, and municipalities. Frayed or spliced wiring could cause grounding failure and lead to unnecessary harm. Your business may be held liable, even leading to legal action, if someone is harmed by exposed wiring or is otherwise hurt because of a broken conduit.

The Pedoc Solution:
Made from heavy stainless steel, Pedoc outlet posts safely protect conduit piping. Stainless steel is a material widely used for outdoor applications because of its remarkable durability. Our powder coat finish adds extra protection from sun exposure and hot/cold weather changes. Simply put, Pedoc pedestals are built to last without compromising safety. Click here to read more about the advantages of stainless steel in outdoor conditions.

Protection in Rugged Outdoor Conditions

Safe Power in Severe Weather

Without a proper power pedestal, harsh weather conditions like rain, freezing and thawing can sever electrical wires which can become a dangerous safety hazard. Typical conduit stubbed up from the ground offers little protection from these elements and the exposed conduit may become damaged. If conduit is not well protected, rain water can easily cause corrosion. Prolonged UV and sun exposure can cause discoloration and may degrade piping and conduit.

The Pedoc Solution:
Pedoc power pedestals were designed to safely withstand rain, thawing, freezing and sun exposure with incredible durability. They are all solidly constructed from heavy stainless steel and have an open bottom that allows ample space for wires and cables to move freely in an enclosed space and withstand harsh weather conditions. When in need of a safe, affordable and sleek power pedestal for either ground burial or hardscape mounting – Pedoc has the solution!

Safe Event Solutions

Noise Reduction: Electrical power eliminates the noise produced by generators, providing a quieter environment.

Reliability: Generators can experience mechanical failures, fuel shortages, or require regular maintenance. Food trucks and other equipment that require power can avoid unexpected downtime or interruptions to their operations.

Convenience: Connecting to an electrical hookup is faster and easier than using a generator. It eliminates the need to refuel, store fuel, costly maintenance/repair and allows for much quicker setup.

Made in the USA | cULus Listed | NEMA 3R Suitable for Wet Locations | ADA Compliant