Problem: Without proper protection, shifting ground conditions, rain, freeze and thaw cycles and other outside conditions can damage wiring. Not only is this a dangerous safety hazard, frequent repair or replacement is a costly and time-consuming headache.

Solution: Recognized for strength, easy installation, sleek design and variety, Pedoc’s power pedestals are the premier choice of specifiers and contractors. The solid welded stainless steel construction resists damage from outdoor elements, impact from maintenance or equipment and tampering. With an open bottom and removable access panel, installation is easy and allows cables and wires to move freely. Explore Pedoc Power’s surface mount solutions below that provide long-lasting protection from outdoor elements and everyday bumps and dings.

  • Easy Installation: Removeable access panel and side entry lot slots

  • Saves Money: Relieves costly repairs and frequent maintenance

  • Versatile: Array of configurations, finishes and amperage ratings to be used in any outdoor location

  • Attractive: Hides unattractive wiring and conduit
  • Safe: Welded stainless steel construction withstands wear and tear

  • Compliant: cULus listed to Standard 1773 | NEMA 3R rating and suitable for wet locations

Explore the Direct Bury Series

Hinge Top

Sleek design for everyday powering. 1-Gang rated to 20 Amp.

Comes with an attached stainless steel in-use cover with locking tab.

Hinge Top without Base

5×5 Hinge Top

Wider body and for dual charging. 1-, 2-Gang rated to 60 Amp.

Comes with an attached stainless steel in-use cover with locking tab.

5x5 Hinge Top without Base


Personalize with multiple device configurations. 1-, 2-Gang rated to 60 Amp.

Pre-drilled mounting holes allows for use of standard in-use covers.

Standard (1-, 2-Gang) without base
Product Features
  • Welded stainless steel construction for long-lasting wire protection.
  • Removable access panel and bottom side wire entry slots.
  • Installation that is quick and easy.

  • Outdoor-rated finishes to for optimal outdoor performance.

  • Variety of heights, configurations and finishes.

Why Customers Repeatedly Choose Pedoc
  • Made in the USA with a 100% sales and support team.
  • Top quality control measures in place for piece of mind that products are made with care and are fail safe.
  • Committed to customer satisfaction and top-notch customer service.

  • Stock options and proven track record of on-time deliveries.