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How To Buy

Hinge Top with Integral Base: Hardscape

Hinge Top with Integral Base: Hardscape2022-11-23T17:59:25+00:00


With a built-in tamper-proof cover and welded stainless-steel integral base, this durable 1-gang receptacle power pedestal safely protects typical outdoor wiring. Rated for 20A applications. May be ordered with a divider for high and low-voltage applications. Can be used to power food trucks, engine block heaters, personal devices, maintenance equipment, and other applications.

UL Listed: Standard 1773. Rated NEMA 3R. ADA compliant heights available.

Devices not supplied.

Spec Sheet
UL Install Instructions
Product Info

Model Numbers (Drawings Linked)

18"1P18-C-HT-* or 1P18-SS-HT
1P18-C-D-HT-* or 1P18-SS-D-HT
24"1P24-C-HT-* or 1P24-SS-HT1P24-C-D-HT-* or 1P24-SS-D-HT
30"1P30-C-HT-* or 1P30-SS-HT1P30-C-D-HT-* or 1P30-SS-D-HT
36"1P36-C-HT-* or 1P36-SS-HT1P36-C-D-HT-* or 1P36-SS-D-HT
42"1P42-C-HT-* or 1P42-SS-HT1P42-C-D-HT-* or 1P42-SS-D-HT
42"1P48-C-HT-* or 1P48-SS-HT1P48-C-D-HT-* or 1P48-SS-D-HT

“C” = Coated Stainless Steel Finish: *INSERT COLOR: B = black, G = gray, GN = Green, BR = brown, BRZ = bronze, CSTM = custom color
“SS” = Polished/brushed stainless steel finish

Stainless steel construction (powder coated or brushed finish)

Black (B)

Gray (G)

Bronze (BRZ)

Green (GN)

Brown (BR)

Custom (CSTM)

Brushed S.S. (SS)

Product Information

Material:14-gauge 304 Stainless Steel (Standard); optional upgrade to 316
Height18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"
Amperage20 amp max
HardwareSS groundling hardware (pre-installed) and mounting anchors include
CustomizationCustom powder coat option
InstallationOpen bottom to accommodate two 1-1/2" conduit raceways
ReceptaclesRemovable GFCI receptacle mounting plate insert included
ComplianceUL Listed NEMA 3R (weatherproof) for outdoor locations
AdditionalDevices not supplied

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the cover lockable while in-use?2022-04-20T19:28:28+00:00

Yes, the hinge top models were specifically designed to close, and be locked, while in-use. There is a gap between the cover and the pedestal body to allow conduits to pass.

What is the diameter of the hole that allows for a lock?2022-04-08T19:45:11+00:00

The diameter of the locking hole is .300”.

Is mounting hardware included for the pad mounted models?2022-04-20T18:01:48+00:00

Yes, ¼” x 2-¼” anchoring kits are included with models 36” or less and 3/8” x 2.75” anchoring kits for 42″ and 48″ high models. Kits include stainless steel anchor bolts, washers, and acorn nuts.

Are receptacle mounting plates included?2022-04-20T17:59:51+00:00

Yes, each unit comes with a removable receptacle mounting plate insert. Refer to each model page for details.

What type of material are the pedestals made from?2022-04-20T17:57:54+00:00

All products are made from heavy gauge stainless steel and available in type 304 or 316.

Are the pedestals customizable?2022-04-22T12:03:21+00:00

Yes, we offer custom colors and can add additional receptacle openings. Please call us at (888)518-0330 to discuss your needs.

Where are the pedestals manufactured and sold?2022-04-20T17:49:46+00:00

PEDOC is located just outside of Chicago, IL where all products are manufactured and sold.

Will the pedestals accommodate circuit breakers and/or meters?2022-04-20T17:25:29+00:00

No, not at this time.

Are receptacles included or available to purchase through PEDOC?2022-04-20T17:48:12+00:00

A removable receptacle mounting plate insert that will accept a standard GFCI decora receptacle is included with each unit.

We do not sell or supply receptacles. Please refer to your preferred electrical supply house.

How should the pedestals be installed?2022-04-20T17:43:56+00:00

Please see the “UL Installation Instructions” document for details.

What size concrete base is recommended for the pad mounted models?2022-04-20T17:43:10+00:00

The mounting bases are made from 7 gauge stainless steel. The diameter for the standard models and one-gang hinge tops is 8″; 8-1/2″ for the two-gang 5×5 models. Contact your design engineer, contractor, or building inspector for guidance.

How do I get a submittal drawing?2022-04-20T17:37:23+00:00

Refer to each model page for drawings, specification info and UL installation instructions.

What is the warranty policy?2022-04-20T17:36:27+00:00

PEDOC includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I get close-out documents?2022-04-20T17:27:18+00:00

Please refer to the model page for drawings, spec sheets and installation instructions. Contact info@pedocpower.com if additional information is needed.

Will the access panel be buried?2022-04-20T17:35:37+00:00

Per our UL listing, the direct bury models must be buried at least 24” below grade. The 48” and 54” will allow enough space for the full panel to be accessed.

Can the pedestals be divided for power and data?2022-04-20T17:33:56+00:00

Yes, all models may be ordered with a divider to separate high and low voltage.

Are Your Pedestals UL Listed?2022-04-11T15:26:33+00:00


What is the max. amperage rating for the hinge top models?2022-04-20T17:29:54+00:00

The One Gang models are rated to 20 amp. The 5×5 models are rated to 30amp.

Are your pedestals rainproof (NEMA3R) and suitable for wet locations?2022-04-20T17:28:49+00:00

Yes. UL Listed: Standard 1773. Rated NEMA 3R.

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