Power Pedestal | 5×5 Hinge Top | Surface Mount

Wide body dual outlet pedestal for surface applications | Rated up to 60 Amp

With a built-in tamper-proof cover and welded integral base, this durable 2 gang receptacle power pedestal safely protects typical outdoor wiring. Multiple receptacle mounting plate configurations. Perfectly for powering food trucks, sports arena scoreboards, engine block heaters, personal devices, maintenance equipment, and much more.

  • Variety of 15 – 60 Amp device mounting plates
  • Self-closing cover prevents ingress of water from outdoor elements
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Solid construction saves on costly repair
  • Locking mechanism prevents unwanted use
  • Heavy stainless steel for maximum wiring, device and conduit protection



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Material 14-gauge 304 Stainless Steel (Standard); optional upgrade to 316
Heights 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″
Construction Welded pedestal body, base and lockable while-in-use weatherproof cover
Amperage 60 amp max
Cover Auto-closing cover provides protection to meet while-in-use requirements
Receptacle mount Removable receptacle mounting plate included
Receptacles Not supplied; must be weather-resistant
Hardware Pre-installed stainless steel grounding and anchoring hardware included
Installation Open bottom to accommodate two 1-1/2″ conduit raceways
Finish Options Outdoor rated powder coat paint (standard and custom), brushed stainless
Customization Custom powder coat option
Application May be ordered with a divider for high and low voltage (data)
Compliance cULus Listed: Standard 1773. Rated NEMA 3R. ADA compliant heights available.
Additional Devices not supplied

Click here for dimensional device mounting configurations details.

Notes: Drawings linked to part numbers. All device mounting plates are not recommended for 90 degree or angled plugs.

Power Only Model Options

Device Mtg. Plate Finish 18″ Tall 24″ Tall 30″ Tall 36″ Tall 42″ Tall 48″ Tall
15/20 Amp GFCI (140)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-140 5P24-C-HT-*-140 5P30-C-HT-*-140 5P36-C-HT-*-140 5P42-C-HT-*-140 5P48-C-HT-*-140
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-140 5P24-SS-HT-140 5P30-SS-HT-140 5P36-SS-HT-140 5P42-SS-HT-140 5P48-SS-HT-140
Dual 30 Amp (138)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-138 5P24-C-HT-*-138 5P30-C-HT-*-138 5P36-C-HT-*-138 5P42-C-HT-*-138 5P48-C-HT-*-138
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-138 5P24-SS-HT-138 5P30-SS-HT-138 5P36-SS-HT-138 5P42-SS-HT-138 5P48-SS-HT-138
30 Amp (142)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-142 5P24-C-HT-*-142 5P30-C-HT-*-142 5P36-C-HT-*-142 5P42-C-HT-*-142 5P48-C-HT-*-142
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-142 5P24-SS-HT-142 5P30-SS-HT-142 5P36-SS-HT-142 5P42-SS-HT-142 5P48-SS-HT-142
15/20 GFCI & 30 Amp (144)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-144 5P24-C-HT-*-144 5P30-C-HT-*-144 5P36-C-HT-*-144 5P42-C-HT-*-144 5P48-C-HT-*-144
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-144 5P24-SS-HT-144 5P30-SS-HT-144 5P36-SS-HT-144 5P42-SS-HT-144 5P48-SS-HT-144
30/50 Amp (148)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-148 5P24-C-HT-*-148 5P30-C-HT-*-148 5P36-C-HT-*-148 5P42-C-HT-*-148 5P48-C-HT-*-148
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-148 5P24-SS-HT-148 5P30-SS-HT-148 5P36-SS-HT-148 5P42-SS-HT-148 5P48-SS-HT-148
50/60 Amp Straight Blade (154)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-154 5P24-C-HT-*-154 5P30-C-HT-*-154 5P36-C-HT-*-154 5P42-C-HT-*-154 5P48-C-HT-*-154
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-154 5P24-SS-HT-154 5P30-SS-HT-154 5P36-SS-HT-154 5P42-SS-HT-154 5P48-SS-HT-154
30/50 Amp Turn Lock (176)
Coated (C): 5P18-C-HT-*-176 5P24-C-HT-*-176 5P30-C-HT-*-176 5P36-C-HT-*-176 5P42-C-HT-*-176 5P48-C-HT-*-176
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-HT-176 5P24-SS-HT-176 5P30-SS-HT-176 5P36-SS-HT-176 5P42-SS-HT-176 5P48-SS-HT-176

High and Low Voltage Model Options

Drawings linked to part numbers.
Note: All device mounting plates are not recommended for 90 degree or angled plugs.

Device Mtg. Plate Finish 18″ Tall 24″ Tall 30″ Tall 36″ Tall 42″ Tall 48″ Tall
15/20 Amp GFCI (140)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-D-HT-*-140 5P24-C-D-HT-*-140 5P30-C-D-HT-*-140 5P36-C-D-HT-*-140 5P42-C-D-HT-*-140 5P48-C-D-HT-*-140
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-D-HT-140 5P24-SS-D-HT-140 5P30-SS-D-HT-140 5P36-SS-D-HT-140 5P42-SS-D-HT-140 5P48-SS-D-HT-140
Data & 30 Amp (144)

Coated (C): 5P18-C-D-HT-*-144 5P24-C-D-HT-*-144 5P30-C-D-HT-*-144 5P36-C-D-HT-*-144 5P42-C-D-HT-*-144 5P48-C-D-HT-*-144
Brushed (SS): 5P18-SS-D-HT-144 5P24-SS-D-HT-144 5P30-SS-D-HT-144 5P36-SS-D-HT-144 5P42-SS-D-HT-144 5P48-SS-D-HT-144

Please be aware that the colors may appear slightly different than seen on screen. You may request a sample chip by emailing us at info@pedocpower.com.