Customer Testimonials

“We have installed your product on site and it is a great product! Sturdy and effective for what my client requested. I will try to get some pictures over to you. Since I have installed your products I have tried to sell them to other customers because I like the ease of installation and how it functions.”

- Marty Sivyer, Exceed Electrical Contracting

“I am an electrical engineer who specifies products for construction projects. Recently, 61 Pedoc receptacle pedestals were installed as per my design for a project on a local campus. The large selection of pedestal types, sizes and color options available from Pedoc simplified the design and allowed the customer to achieve the look they wanted. The quality of the product when received was excellent. Pedoc’s customer service answered my questions very professionally and with no delay. I am currently working on another design for the same campus and will be specifying Pedoc receptacle pedestals for this project as well.”

- Kirk Ashton, Electrical Engineering, LLC

“It is a great product; your company needs to market these to the major developers and General Contractors. They need to make these a requirement in their projects as they are sleek, affordable and easy to install.”

- Don Macciocca, Lindee Corporation

“I had these pedestals specified on a project years ago. Once we received them and installed them we have been using them ever since, even on projects that specify something else. Very well made, easy to install, and simply an exceptional product. When ordering you are met with a courteous and knowledgeable staff, if you have questions, they know what they are talking about. I will continue to use them in all my future projects.”

- James Hughes, Bean Electrical

Thank you again for helping me acquire a PEDoc model 1P18-C-HT-B. I picked it up yesterday from Mayer Electric and was blown away by the quality of your product! I pride myself on having a keen eye when it comes to craftsmanship and design. But quite frankly, what I saw with your product exceeded my expectation. I was amazed by the fit and finish of your product and overly impressed by the care taken to package the product to protect it from damage during shipping. Overall, it’s refreshing to see there are businesses like yours that take this much pride in the products they manufacture in this country.


Congratulations again on such outstanding quality and attention to the smallest of details. Persons like myself greatly appreciate what you do!

Jim Bevis, River Bank and Trust

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